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Picture Scripture -- House (Living with Lights ON!)

Read: Psalm 36: 8-9, Psalm 40: 8-10, Matthew 5: 14-16, 2 Thessalonians 1: 11-12

In your journal, write out any verses/thoughts that mean something to you as you read.

Our God has such a sense of humor. There's absolutely no way that I can write a devotion on our topic this week without giving you a little peak into my life right now. Seven years ago, Scotty and I sold our house in Clinton, MS, to move north. The house we sold was OURS. We purchased it when our first child was 2, and our second was brand new. It wasn't a redo, but we did a number of things to the house to make it our own. Selling it was hard. Moving from our home was harder.

In North MS, we rented a house from a family member that we later purchased. This house needed some major improvements, and we did a few things. However, we weren't sure how long we'd be there. So, we made it functional and lived there for 3 more years. Two years ago, our family moved to FL, so we sold another house but without the emotion of before. Somehow, I knew this house wasn't home, so we never fully settled.

Today, we are in Florida. My husband and I have a calling here. We are passionate about what we are doing. And, our three children are thriving. BUT, we don't have a HOME that is ours. We are living in our second rental, because we aren't financially ready to invest in a house again.

Why did I tell you all of that? Well, because I am anxious to be settled. I battle darkness and heaviness of heart, because we aren't. These difficult emotions hit an all time high about 2 weeks ago. When I opened up this week's material and saw the theme/picture, I chuckled at God, Of course we're talking about a house.

The posts this week have been beautiful. I believe the Lord has used my restless heart to make me ready to hear a message specifically for me from each of our writers. God has chosen to live within me! He chose to take up residency within this very temporary home that is my earthly body. Therefore, I get to live at home with Him no matter where I unpack my boxes. That's PEACE, sisters.

With Almighty God living in me, allowing me to build a life with Him as the foundation, and rebuilding every area where the storms of this world have damaged me, light should shine from within me in such a way that others feel invited to be at home with Jesus too. Do you see it? My light, my joy, and my contentment do not lie in outside circumstances (such as a house that isn't mine and can't be arranged in a way that's comfortable for me). My light, my joy, and my contentment are be found in JESUS Christ who promises to fulfill in a way that is complete.

They are filled from the abundance of your house; You let them drink from Your refreshing stream, for with You is life's fountain. In Your light we will see light.

Psalm 36: 8-9

If we are already filled with the abundance that God gives, can you think of some hindrances and distractions that keep us from living in a way that reflects that? I'm offering full confession that I've been using the discomfort of my current house to steal my joy. My unsettled situation has led me to discontentment rather than an appreciation for the TRUTH that I can be "at home" with Jesus no matter what my address is. Would you confess your personal distractions to God today? Ask Him to fill you with so much of Himself that you can't help but shine for the world to see.

Heavenly Father, I believe you sometimes allow us to live a little uncomfortably so that we will find our comfort in You alone. Today, I'm reminded that you chose to come and make Your home with us (Jesus) and then in us (Your Spirit), and You didn't have to. Because of that, I get to live in the comfort that Your Presence provides..... always! Forgive me for missing it too often. Today, God, I'm lifting up myself and my sisters, and I'm asking You to strengthen us to be "a city on a hill," a light that cannot be hidden and that invites everyone to see You because of it. I pray that the filling you do within us would spill out into our actual homes. Make us hospitable, God. Show us how to invite people into our worlds so that they can experience the light and love of Christ in the things we say and do.