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Picture Scripture- Week 3 House (Foundation)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Picture: House (foundation)

Scripture: Deuteronomy 32:3-4; John 14:6; Matthew 7:24-27; 1 Corinthians 3:11

Read and then meditate or write in your journal anything that speaks to you.

I am sure that all of us have seen pictures of what a storm can do to a coastal community, even recently with Florence hitting the East Coast. It is one thing to see pictures of such destruction and another thing to be impacted, as many of you may have been. (Quick pause…My prayers have been with any Soul Sisters and their families who have been impacted.) It is truly astonishing to see how some homes were not damaged at all, others were slightly damaged, while others were fractured and some even collapsed.

What I have read is that the difference between one home left standing and another left fractured and falling into the ocean is typically not solely due to the building materials themselves. There are multi-million dollar homes on the coast that are built with only the best materials. The difference in their survival or destruction is what they are built on- a secure, solid foundation versus a sandy, weak foundation.

Jesus uses this same analogy in the parable of the wise and foolish builder (Matthew 7:24-27). It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the foundation of a physical building or the foundation that you build your life, the principle is the same. The material that you use to lay your foundation for life will determine the strength of the structure that is built upon it. The foolish builder doesn’t obey or apply God’s principles and instructions. He is ruined when a raging storm hits his life. Remember, a house built on sand is only as strong as that sand. It will collapse when put to the test. As a follower of Christ who submits to His wisdom, your spiritual foundation is vital to your life, both here on earth and in eternity.

Take a minute to think about the concrete foundation that is laid before the building of any house. Much like this, God never changes or shifts. He is the everlasting and unshakeable Rock. Jesus Christ laid down His life so that we can build our house on His eternal truth. The more we know and understand Him through His word, the stronger and more we understand the security of our foundation. Are you just focusing on the building materials of your life or are you considering the foundation? Are you building your life on His rock or quick sand?

My Lord and Rock,

Just as the foundation of any physical building is important let us remember that the foundation of our lives is also critical. If our marriage, relationships, finances, business, career or ministry is built on a solid and right foundation it will stand. But if our lives are built on a faulty or evil foundation it will crumble. I do not want my life to crash or fall into evil. Please give me the grace to build on no other foundation but the foundation of Christ (1 Corinthians 3:10). I also ask that if you find any faulty foundation, please replace it with You, because, without your grace and help, I know I will end up focusing on the wrong things. Keep me grounded on your Solid Rock!!

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen