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Picture Scripture Week 2: Vessel (The Moldable Clay)

September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11


Picture Scripture: Vessel (the moldable clay)


Scripture: Genesis 1:26-28, 2:7,18-25; Isaiah 45:9-10; Romans 9:20-21

Read and then meditate or write in your journal anything that speaks to you.




Post: A potter knows what kind of vessel he is going to make and the purpose it will serve before he even starts the process. The potter knows exactly how tall and how wide it should be, because he already has a perfect plan for the vessel before he even begins to sit down to start the intense work with the moldable clay. In the same way, God already has our lives perfectly planned out for all of us. He knows exactly what our purpose is and how we each need to be created to accomplish this.


Just as the piece of clay needs to trust the potter to make it into the exact vessel he wants to make, in the same way we need to fully trust the Lord to mold, shape, and transform us.

Since God is all-perfect and all-powerful and we are not, why wouldn’t we trust Him to create us into the vessel He desires rather than us trying to do it on our own?



Who am I to contend with our God about how He made me? Perhaps it’s human nature for us to ask, “Why did you make me like this and not more like her?” or “Why did you let this happen to me?” That is as senseless as for clay to find fault with the potter. Why should I think my ways are better than His? Even when I get discouraged about the way I look, things that happen to me, things I don’t get that I want, etc. I need to remember that my Potter created me just as He desired. He makes each one of us to accomplish His special purpose. We need to pray and focus on letting His will be done.


Take a few minutes today to envision, as Madelaine described yesterday, a potter bending his moldable clay into the vessel that he desires. Can you see how that clay submits contentedly to the potter’s hand. Now picture that being our Mighty Potter molding you into the precious vessel that you are today. Are you discontent with how you are made….physically, mentally or emotionally? Spend time confessing these things to the Lord and ask Him to lovingly affirm you exactly to the way He designed you.




Almighty Father,

You are indeed the Potter, and we are your unique vessels. Therefore, YOU decide what is right and fitting for our lives, not us. I humbly come to you today in thanksgiving as you continue to mold and shape me into Your image. Because you know me inside and out, you know that at times I have been discontent with how you made me. Please forgive me for ever doubting you, My Potter, for how you designed me and are using me. Instead of being critical, let me embrace how you made me. For your Word tells us that you created us as your “masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared long ago to be our way of life.” (Ephesians 2:10). I trust in You and in the truth that when my Potter is in control I am FREE!!

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen




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