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Picture Scripture, Week 1: Tree (The Watering)

Tuesday September 4, 2018





Scripture: Psalm 1(emphasis on verse 3a); Isaiah 44:3-5; John 7:37-38
Read and highlight or journal anything that speaks to you.


In a way, a tree is a similar picture of our lives as Christians. Just as the streams supply the tree with nourishing and refreshing waters, so does God’s Word supply us with nourishment and refreshment. Without water, the trees will dry up and become weary. We also need the “water” of God’s Word in order for our lives to be fulfilled. We need the Word of God, the study of it, the reading of it and the receiving of His Word. In Psalm 1, I was re-minded of the importance of delighting in God’s Word and meditating on it day and night. We should do more than just run to it every once in a while. We must open our Bibles regularly and absorb the’s living and active. When supplied with steady streams of the Word of Life, our lives will produce both growing faith and good works.


Keep in mind that becoming “like a tree planted by streams of water” happens as you de-light in and meditate on the word of God.


What about you? Is your soul weary and dry? Are you getting enough Living Water each day and night?


Dear Lord,
When we study your Word and are filled with the Holy Spirit, we know great things can happen. We also know that when we don’t get filled with your nourishment it’s not a pretty picture. I confess that I often fail to set aside time to absorb your spiritual food and be fed as I should. I don’t want to operate in the flesh. I want to choose to survive off of your nourishment and be grounded with in your roots. Let your Words of Life speak to me today like never before! Then, let me go out into the world to love and serve others.

In your name sweet name I pray. AMEN

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