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Free to Set Free - Day 1

Monday, August 27th


WOW!  What a great 14 weeks we have had together as we discovered what it means to be truly free in Christ!  We’ve learned that we are free to be rescued and called, we are free to confess and thirst and ask, and we are free to begin again.   We have discovered how to be free to wait, rest, and grieve.  We looked at freedom in being weak and being brave.  We considered what it looks like to be free celebrate and finally, last week, free to love!   This week we uncover the idea that we are free to set free.  In other words, when we have experienced freedom ourselves, we can help other people going through obstacles find their own freedom in Christ.  I’m excited about taking what we’ve learned and boldly stepping in to the calling to help others.  


Read chapter 15 of You Are Free, Free to Set Free.


Take some quiet time to do these three things:


  1. Highlight or journal statements that make an impact as you read.

  2. Write out any questions that you have.

  3. Pray that God will reveal areas of bondage and lead you to freedom during this week’s study.


Dear Lord, we come to you this morning with thanksgiving in our heart and give you praise!  We praise you for who you are! We praise you for all you do for us!  And, we praise you for loving us enough to give us freedom through you.  In this life it is certain that we will go through tough times.  We confess that we can’t handle the tough times on our own…but with you we can get through anything.  ANYTHING!  With you we’ve been set free.  Lord, this week as we take our final stroll on this freedom journey and embrace the idea of being freed to set free, please reveal yourself to us.  May we all confess the need for you to get right up in the middle of life’s stuff and show us the way! Show us where and how you want to use us.  Use us BIG God!  It’s in the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen 




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