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Free to Be Weak, Day 5

Wow! Just like that, my last week to write in You Are Free is over. If you've had to skip any days of our study, please consider taking time to catch up over the weekend. What a week! Studying our weaknesses hasn't be fun. But, it seems to be a giant piece of the freedom puzzle. Owning our weaknesses and limitations leads to surrender. And, each week of study uncovers surrender to be the key to freedom, peace, and joy in Christ. I don't know about you, but I want more of that, please!


It has been such a joy to study the pages of this book and Scripture with you. Let's stay the course and finish the race. Let's pray for the writers who will lead through the last four chapters. I'll continue to study right along with you, and I know God will continue to do great and mighty things for us and for His great name.


Today, we will consider the questions at the end of the chapter. Take time to read back over scripture from the week and notes from the chapter while answering these questions for self discovery.


1. Have you been in situations where you felt too weak to fight? What are some examples? Write down ways you want to see God’s power made perfect in your weakness.


2. Consider listing the areas of weakness in your life -- not to dwell on them, but to offer them up to God as a confession, asking him to take them and transform them into your greatest strength. Journal this to remember. You’ll want to be reminded of it in the future.


3. Consider praying this prayer, “Jesus, I name my weakness. Strengthen me as I confess my inability. Show me how your power is made perfect through my weakness.”


God, I simply want to echo Rebekah's prayer to strengthen us in our inabilities. As we've confessed them to you this week, use them to show us your power in our weakness. We trust you! We need you! We want to cooperate with Your plans for our freedom. Make the steps You have for us abundantly clear, and give us the desire to follow. That you for your patient grace. Amen.




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