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Free to Grieve (Day 1)

Monday, July 23rd


Read Chapter 10 of You Are Free, Free to Grieve.


Grief is a natural part of all our lives and yet it is one of the most difficult parts of our earthly journey. Loss of any kind–whether it's the loss of a treasured family heirloom; the end of a relationship, the termination of a job, an unfulfilled dream, or especially the death of a loved one, leaves an empty and painful void in our lives. As we grieve we may experience feeling lost, hopeless, and overwhelmed with thoughts like “I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it through this”. Rest assured, Sister, Isaiah 43:2 promises that God will carry us through the storm.


This week we are going to explore freedom in grief. I have asked 3 Soul Sisters to share their different and unique stories of grief and insight on how God “has carried” and “is carrying” them through the storm. I know we will all be blessed by their transparency. I challenge us all to contribute to the daily writings commenting on their bravery to be so open in what God has done and is doing in their lives as well as share our own stories of God’s grace during grief.


Take some quiet time to do these three things:


1. Highlight or journal statements that make an impact as you read.

2. Write out any questions that you have.

3. Pray that God will reveal areas of bondage and lead you to freedom during this week’s study.


Dear Lord, we come to you this morning with adoration and praise for all that You are in our lives…especially in the midst of grief and loss. We rest assured that You are there for us during times of grief to bring us peace and comfort, to bring us closer to You. Help us remember that in the darkness of earthly suffering, You are the Light. Draw us near to You, as we know “You are near the broken hearted.” (Ps 34:18) Reveal to each of us any grief that is keeping us in bondage and from living our best lives in You. In the name of Jesus – Amen.



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