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Free to Rest (Day 5)

Friday, July 20th


Well done this week Soul Sisters. Thank you for engaging in this week's topic of REST. I pray we all have a better understanding of what it means to rest in the Lord, both body and soul. Today, we will consider the questions at the end of the chapter. Take time to read back over scripture from the week and notes from the chapter while answering these questions for self discovery.


1. Are you tired? Worn out? So many of us run run, run, finding ourselves constantly busy. What are some ways you keep yourself busy? Confess these things, listing them before God. Ask Him to show you how to recover your life.


2. When is the last time you really rested? How might you carve out daily time for quiet, for unplugging from media, for rest?


3. Determine some areas of busyness you could do without. List some places you could pull back so that you could live into a more restful place.


4. Pray this prayer: Lord, teach me how to rest. Teach me how to pull back from activity so that I can lean into You. Show me how to encounter “rest for my soul.”


Dear Lord,

Thank You that You have all that we need for every life circumstance, and You are ready and wanting to give it to us. You are faithfully calling us to Yourself. Help us to respond and draw near to You in order to receive the greatness of Your filling. Remind us of our human inability to stay filled without Your sweet divine intervention. Make it our utmost heart's desire to BE with YOU. In this restful, relational place (You in me, and I in You), work Your wonders in my heart; and then, send me out, with You in me, to the places of Your choosing. In Your Name, Amen.



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