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Free to Rest (Day 4)

Read: Matthew 11: 25-30; Philippians 1:6


Remember: “If we are not free to rest, we will either burn out or the work will be about our agenda, not God’s. In a society of to-dos and goals and ambitions, the Father asks us to rest assured. He wants us to stop trying so hard to matter.”


Reflect: In our Scripture today, Jesus says, "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I'm wondering if every one of us reading this devotion right now is weary and heavy laden in some way. We, as women, have so many demands: homes, husbands, kids, grandkids, elderly parents, jobs, ministries, and so much more. Does this full work schedule give us an "out" for resting in the Lord? I think Jesus is saying the exact opposite. He says to those who are burdened with work (and in His day, those burdened with following all the rules of the Law), "Come to Me." This invitation of "Come" is the precursor to the Lord's command of "Go". Will we answer His plea to simply be with Him? IF we do, His promise is rest for our souls. I believe our souls crave this rest (relationship with Christ) more than anything else in this world. Jesus also says, "Learn from Me." How did Jesus live? He had to prioritize His 24 hour day/night. Priority number one: He went away often to be with His Father. Only after hearing His Father's guiding words, did He go and do. When we come to Him, He refills us for His appointed work. Just like the obvious stop we have to make at the gas station for our cars, we must stop and rest from our going and doing in order to be empowered with His wisdom and strength. Otherwise, as Rebecca Lyons stated above, "we will either burn out or our work will be about our agenda, not God's."



First and foremost, God has called you to a relationship with Himself. Within this relationship, He has mapped out His work for you. Rest today in the confidence that He will complete good things in and through you in His time and way. Our worth is safe and secure in the author and finisher of all good things, Jesus Christ. So, sister, we get to rest in Him!


Dear Lord,

Forgive me for trying to go and do Your work without You fueling me with your Spirit. I tend to take on things in and of my own flesh that You never meant for me to do in the first place. I try to fix things and control things and produce things. Remind me that YOU are the ultimate Fixer, the flawless Controller, and the marvelous Producer; let me rest in YOU. When my thoughts are racing in the morning concerning my agenda, may the first words I hear be, "Come to Me". Help me to respond to this loving invitation with an expectant heart. Speak to me, O God. Tell me what You want me TO DO, and what You want me NOT TO DO. I pray I will crave Your rest above all else. May I fuel up with Your word and Spirit BEFORE I go out into the chaos of the day. Yes Lord, in this personal relationship with You, I ask for Your strength, Your peace, and Your joy to equip me in Your appointed work. In Your Name. Amen.



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