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Free to Rest (Day 3)

Read: Galatians 4: 8-20

Remember: “The old covenant was about what we bring to Him: our annual offering, our covering of sin to become restored with God. The new covenant is all about what Jesus brings to us; His offering, His blood to forgive our sins, and His righteousness credited to us, making us right with God. God’s got this. He’s done the work, and we are free to rest.”

Reflect: I have to say, the quote above is worth reading again and again. Jesus has done the work, ladies! We can rest. Also, in our scripture reading today, Paul speaks of this same truth. He is imploring the Galatians not to revert back to the Law. They have been freed from the religious rules, yet they continued in performance mode, rather than reception mode. I'm not much different than these Galatians at times. I have to be reminded often that God is much more interested in my "being with Him" than my "doing for Him." Both are important, but the first comes before the second. The first, being with Him, is where His love resides, so it is vital for us to stay (rest) there before we set out to do things for Him; otherwise, we might begin to believe His love is earned in the doing of good works. The Lord reminded me of this truth when I took a trip to the beach with my husband for my 50th birthday this past spring. I left home worried about a few things, one being a sick loved one, and another being a couple of unfinished projects that had me emotionally entangled. As I sat in the early mornings on the beach and watched the sunrise, I marveled at the Lord's handiwork. Each morning, I just praised Him quietly, wowed by His living tapestry before me. During one of those sweet times, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit, "Chris, do you understand that I love you right here with Me by yourself, just sitting still? Thank you for your going, doing, serving...BUT, I enjoy your one on One attention. Always start with Me." With these words of truth, I breathed in and... I rested.

Rest: It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trusting religion (routines and rituals) rather than relationship when it comes to our perceived understanding of what God wants for us and from us. Do you agree? How have you placed far too much affection on religion (going, doing, serving, etc.) rather than relationship? This offers a perfect place to stop and confess. We weren’t made to perform. We were made to abide with Christ, relate to Him personally, and receive from Him daily.

Dear Lord, I ask for true rest today for each Soul Sister. Fill us with peace as we sit in Your presence. Talk to us personally. Tell us You love us fully, just sitting right there, no works involved. To love is Your delight, O God. May each of us savor Your presence, letting go of anything concerning "performance." We rest in what You have already accomplished at the cross. Only after resting in You first, do we ask for strength to run to the world with Your good news. In Your Name. Amen