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Free to Wait (Day 2)

Read: Galatians 4: 1-7

Remember: Rebekah Lyons begins this chapter with these words, “There are times when life is pregnant with possibility, which is invigorating, but also unknown, which is daunting. We never know what is ahead or how the next chapter will play out.” However, Paul reminds us that God sent Jesus for our freedom “in the fullness of time.” In other words, He has a plan, a schedule, a perfect timing for every season.

Reflect: There is never a time in which God is not aware of the desires of our hearts. Let’s remember that He does, however, know better than we do, whether what we want to happen, is necessary or good for us. Sometimes his timing may be just the amount of time we need to see that what we thought we needed, we never did, or that the waiting made the receiving that much better. His timing has always been perfect and always will be perfect!

In our scripture verses today, it is revealed that God’s timing was set for when his Son would be born and all the details were orchestrated at just the right time so His children would be set free!! Praise the Lord for God’s plan and His perfect timing.

When I think of me waiting during transition in my life, God keeps leading me to back to His words in Isaiah 40:31. “But those who hope in (or wait on) the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” When we remain hopeful for God to work in our lives, despite our waiting, God rewards us with renewed strength so we can fly and be strong as we enter into what God has planned for us next…..all in His time.

Rest: What is causing you anxiety? Don’t be too quick to answer. Today, really spend some time considering what causes you stress and anxiety. Are you in a transition? Do you feel a calling from the Lord, but it’s not yet time to see it in action? All of these scenarios happen in every season. You are free to wait with the confidence that He who started it will finish it. Acknowledge that truth during your quiet time in some way (journaling, conversational prayer, time with a friend, etc.).

Prayer for Soul Sisters:

Dear Lord,

Your Word tells us that in due time, you will exalt us. Let us trust in your timing and trust in you. Today we will claim your promise that you know what’s best for us and that you will work your plan to prosper us and not harm us. Your plans will give us hope and a future. We know you don’t want us miserable or anxious. You want to bring us peace and joy. We pray that when we are going through a time of waiting that you will use it to grow us closer to you and glorify you.

Let us give you a chance to do your work and allow you to do it on your schedule. We trust that you will make everything work out just right, just as you see fit. You will be right on time, every time!!

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen