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Read: Psalm 139: 1-3; 7-10


Remember: "Can you imagine? God searches for us. He seeks and finds us. In fact, the Trinity embodied this very concept in the person of Jesus. He came on a search and rescue mission; He came to make His home with us, to be with us . As we follow Christ and confess the truth that He is our home, He makes His home in us. He leads us into our true home, a place of union with Him. What a promise."


Reflect; I love Psalm 139! It gives me so much freedom and hope to know I am completely loved- all the good, bad, and ugly of Madelaine is loved . Sometimes we don't allow people to get to know us completely for fear they will discover the "ugly" and won't like what they see. God already knows everything about us, even the numbers of hairs on our heads (Matthew 10: 30) and He still accepts and loves us. He is with us through every situation, in every trial; protecting, loving, and guiding. He knows and loves us completely. Further more ladies, He is the only one that won't fail us. As much as you are loved or love someone else, that love will never compare to how much He loves you.


God is omnipresent- He is present everywhere. This is just so amazing to me. Everywhere, all the time, we that believe can never be lost to His Spirit. We will never be away from His comforting presence. What confidence and freedom this gives us to know He is with us as we take each step and make each decision. He truly has made His home IN us. What a promise indeed.


Rest: Thinking back to our chapter on confession, it appears the season of beginning again could be made slightly easier if we start with a confession that God knew and possibly ordained this very moment FOR you. And, at His heart, He's allowed it all so that He could make His home more permanently with you, with me. Wow! Nothing catches our God by surprise. Let the words of Psalm 139 wash over you today while you find yourself at home with your Savior and Lord.


Dearest Jesus, We confess we cannot do this life without You. We have tried and tried again only to come up short. It is hard for us to wrap our minds around how You can love us when at times we are so ugly and unloveable. Oh Lord, what a gift it is that we are not alone in this sometimes hard -hearted , unkind world . You loved us so much that You chose to make Your home in us. What Good News this truly is. Thank You for continually pursing us even when we want to hide . Thank You for the bottomless pit of forgiveness You offer us when we sin. We admit we can be like stubborn little children, trying to do it all on our own in our own way; all the while You are right there waiting for us to open our eyes, take the hand You offer and pull us out of the muck we have gotten ourselves in. Lord, we stand amazed at Your grace and might, lifting our hands up to You singing praises. Amen.



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