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Free To Begin Again


Thank you Soul Sisters for following along and participating in this journey. I love the fact there is a chapter titled "Begin Again"! Who doesn't need a fresh start from time to time? Together, let's clean out the mess in our "home" and prepare for the "new" God is offering.


Read : Chapter 7 of You Are Free, Free to Begin Again.


Take some quiet time to do these three things:

1. Highlight or journal statements that make an impact as you read.
2. Write out any questions that you have.
3. Pray that God will reveal areas of bondage and lead you to freedom during this week's study.


Heavenly Father, Thank You that we can come to You in confession where You offer forgiveness and new beginnings for us all. What a gift that is! We ask You clear our minds this busy week to take the quiet time we each need to focus on what real freedom is: Freedom in You. Prepare our hearts as we begin this week's study and speak to each one of us as we pray, read, journal, and meditate on Your words. We ask this in Your Holy name, Amen.





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