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Good Morning Soul Sisters. Here we are rounding the corner into the last few chapters of this book. Thank you, Amy Cutrer Rogers for the poignant study last week . I hope this week we will be able to see celebration through new eyes and what it looks like for each of u...

Wow! Just like that, my last week to write in You Are Free is over. If you've had to skip any days of our study, please consider taking time to catch up over the weekend. What a week! Studying our weaknesses hasn't be fun. But, it seems to be a giant piece of the freed...

Read: Ephesians 6: 10-18

Remember: "When you resist the Enemy, he turns and runs. Sometimes we need to be reminded on the front lines, in our weakness, Jesus is our greatest strength."

Reflect: I know I certainly need to be reminded DAILY of Jesus, my greatest strength....

Read: Galatians 5: 1-8

Remember: “The need for self examination never ends.”

Reflect: At our last Local SS gathering, I found out that it hadn't been obvious to any of our group that we'd been reading through Galatians during this study. If you've read along from the beg...

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