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Monday, August 20th

What a great topic last week: Free to be Brave. It's a wonderful precursor to this week's focus, Free to Love. Let's face it, sometimes it's easy to love, but sometimes it's not. To love well means we are both honest and vulnerable, and that can be b...

August 17, 2018

We have covered a lot of ground on freedom to be brave this week.  Do you look at courage and bravery differently now and see how freeing it can be when we walk in faith? I sure do!!

Today, we will consider the questions at the end of the chapter. Take time to read back...

August 16, 2018

Thursday, August 16th

Read: Galatians 6: 1-9

Remember: Courage is meant to en-courage others.

Review: My word for the year is “Good”. That word is so simple yet so deep. I have been praying scripture over and giving thanks for our GOOD Father (Psalms 86:5 and 107:1) and h...

August 15, 2018

Read: Isaiah 43: 1-2

Remember: “Our bravest moments come from trusting, from falling into the plan of God. When we do, bravery becomes less about courage and more about faith.

Reflect: When I was in my late twenties I had a strong desire to deepen and forward my faith. I...

August 14, 2018

Tuesday, August 14th

Read: Joshua 1: 1-9

Remember: “There comes a moment for each of us wherein we must decide -- will we be brave, or will we remain enslaved to fear?” Rebekah Lyons

Reflect: When I read our scripture verses for today, I could just picture Joshua being ne...

August 13, 2018

Read chapter 13 of You Are Free, Free to Be Brave.

Today, we begin our week of breaking free from the chains of fear and reflecting on what it means to be free to be brave. It’s about doing what’s right, even though you may be afraid or scared. It’s about having faith a...

If you are a part of this Facebook group , I thank each of you for your comments this week, If you are a woman seeking Christ who is reading this on the blog, you might consider joining this group on Facebook. The comments are so incredible : they are real, vulnerable,...

Read :Psalm 126

Remember : Jesus says, "Come to me. Bring it. There is nothing I cannot handle. I am more than all the weight you carry. I took it upon myself at the cross..." The cross was a switcheroo, and we traded up. Rebekah Lyons, page 186, 187.

Reflect: Well, ladi...

Read: Psalm 51:12

Remember: "Salavation means the healing and rescue of a body that is brought back to the way it was intended. (Eugene Peterson)" Salvation is not just for our souls; it's for every part of our being. every part of our lives. It is the process of being...

Read: Galatians 5: 9-15 (for the sake of completing Galatians) 16-26 (our focus today)

Remember: The joy of Christ becomes our joy.

Reflect: Our reading today includes the list of the fruits of the Spirit , joy being the second one listed. The" fruit of the Spirit" is wh...